My first memory of creating art was a drawing done on a piece of scrap drywall when I was four years old. Art making has always been part of my life. Although I'm employed full time as an educator, artistic expression  has slowly come to the forefront of my daily life. It has been a 10+ year journey to develop my skills, voice and an art making process that brings me joy. 

am a New Hampshire native and currently live in Deering where my husband and I take advantage of the close proximity to a variety of parks, trails and water bodies. The forests and natural environments are a constant source of inspiration.

When I spend time in the forest I'm always drawn to pattern and color, and often find I've stopped to look much closer at the details. This micro-view of nature reveals repeating, but individual, unique units that interact to produce emergent properties of movement and form. I could look for hours and find my time in the forest meditative and rejuvenating. My art making taps into this experience as I focus on pattern and color. It is the art making process that is deeply satisfying. Likewise, I want viewers to have their own experience with my work; their own memories, emotions or what they might see in the work is always a delight and surprise for me. 

In my latest abstract works, each textural ‘mark’ is first made with a variety of tools into texture paste. This first stage is intuitive and quick, and can be inspired by any number of feelings, memories, my latest walk in the NH forests, or the energy of the music I’m listening to. Once dry, layers of color are built into each mark. Through this process I may begin to think about what the work might represent for me, and build value and color towards that end.

Current Work - Building Texture & Color

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