am a New Hampshire native and take advantage of all NH has to offer; hiking, snowshoeing, camping and kayaking with my husband and two dogs provides me with the inspiration for my art. I strive to represent those moments when I stop, look and take in the simple beauty of the landscape. Using bold texture and color helps me to express the energy and emotion of that moment. 

My first memory of creating art was a drawing done on a piece of scrap drywall when I was four years old. Art making has always been part of my life. Although I'm employed full time as an educator, artistic expression  has slowly come to the forefront of my daily life. It has been a 10+ year journey to develop my skills, voice and an art making process that brings me joy. 

I create texture using a variety of media and tools. This first stage is intuitive and quick, and can be inspired by any number of feelings, memories, my latest walk in the NH forests, or the energy of the music I’m listening to. Sometimes the images are abstract, sometimes treasured landscapes. Once dry, layers of color are built into and on top of the texture. 

Texture & Color

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