COVID: Reflection I

So, in some ways it felt like it was only a matter of time. I'm fully vaccinated, try and limit my circles to same, but here I am COVID positive. I am a breakthrough statistic, but grateful that vaccination likely resulted in a less severe infection. I was achingly sick with flu symptoms earlier this week and now feel like I have a head cold, however, there are definitely some subtle and not so subtle differences from any flu/cold I have had. Most surprisingly, the quarantine and isolation (to try and protect my husband) has resulted in time for reflection and creativity.

I'm on day three of house isolation and have made the second floor my new apartment. It's quite comfortable and provides me with putter-around room. My husband provides food delivery to the tall stool in the hall (we both try and keep the dogs away until I get there to collect!), and one of two rooms serves as a multipurpose room for art, work and chilling.

Today, I began to notice the personal connection and history of many of the items that provide function or comfort to me in this space. My work area at one end of the room is relatively newly furnished with a desk, bookcase, file cabinets etc. that make it functional for both work and art business tasks. At the other end of the room is my active art space with a large workbench on wheels that allows me to change configurations easily. These areas contain cherished items such as the photo of Mom, Alex and me in Montana, décor items and trinkets from my parents and grandparents, and holiday family photo cards that my sister-in-law sends each year.

In the middle of the room is a sitting area, my chilling space. This is where I might contemplate in-progress works, sketch, or get my YouTube fix. There is a 'fireplace' infrared heater and hand-knitted blanket from my maternal grandmother, a glider chair that was one of my mother's favorite chairs late in life, and a needlepoint stool from my paternal grandmother.

So, today I thought about how thankful I am to have this space, to have a partner that has my back, to have the flexibility to work remote, and for my loyal dogs that keep me company. I also realized that when I was given the opportunity to create a space that inspired and helped me to connect authentically to myself (this is where the best creating happens for me), I choose to surround myself with items that connect me to my family. When making decisions about what stays and goes in this space, I simply ask myself whether it serves a function or makes me feel good, and am ruthless on that second point. Until today, I hadn't fully realized how much the familial tokens and memories I've surrounded myself with influence my creativity and provide me with this nurturing space.

I wonder if COVID (can we just use that one word, COVID, to encompass all of its scope and effects?), has affected you all in that way? Have you been presented with new revelations or opportunities to sit and examine the importance of family in our lives?

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