COVID: Reflection II - Mapping It

One unexpected benefit of being isolated is the forced time in my art studio. Yay! This has allowed me some uninterrupted time to experiment. As I contemplate my next series of large texture paintings that will be based on my Utah trip with Dad, I'm experimenting with the idea of history, memories and place.

I have a selection of trail maps tucked in various places and some have been around for 20+ years. I've thought about using them in an art piece for quite some time; the memory of those hikes somehow serving as a foundation for a landscape. The experimenting started with tearing up and collaging them on some well used panels that needed covering (I do try and recycle my "uh, there's no saving this one" paintings). My first painting over this background obliterated the maps. Not what I wanted.

In the next experiment on a small 6x6" panel, I first used my Posca acrylic pens to create a line drawing then India ink for color. Perfect. Lots of transparent color that let the maps show through. I tried scaling up to larger panels but didn't like the result, therefore, I'm sticking with the small format panels and have many more to go. Not sure what aspect of this exploration will make it into the next painting series, but enjoying the process.

The first two 6x6" experiments: Sandwich Mountain (left), and Thoreau Falls (right). These little mixed media pieces on board use collaged maps, acrylic and India ink. I'll be adding these to my shop once the series is done!

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