Creating Tree Silhouette Pieces

My creative process for the tree silhouette series is a departure from the process of the heavy texture pieces; it is completely spontaneous!

They start with a textured background. Here you can see sand texture added to some 'failed' heavy texture pieces.

Next I add backgrounds. Currently they are either blues or oranges. I let the underlying texture drive the movement of color. You can see the development of some blue pieces in the video below. Beware! I'm new to videoing my process and there is a good amount of time that you are viewing the back of my head...but there is quite a bit to see.

Many layers later, some additional background landscape may arise. Again, I let the texture speak to me.

Finally, I sift through my tree photos to find just the right tree for each environment. Many times a story arises and drives the title of the piece. Oftentimes, the finished piece reminds me of places I've been.

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