Down Time

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Part of growing as an artist has been discovering my creative process. I paint in intense bursts that can last from a couple of weeks to months. The in-between times have often made me nervous when I didn't feel compelled to begin a new painting or have any solid inspiration. During that time I've often experimented with other art materials or ideas, felt bad about not stepping into the studio at all and dealt with imposter syndrome.

Over the past year I've realized that the down time is part of my creative process. Today, I'm comfortable with that. I'm not concerned that my creativity has vanished, and trust that it will be there when it needs to be. I'm putting trust in me. It is not that I'm doing anything differently, it's just that my perspective has changed. I need to contemplate, try ideas, have fun with different art materials, or simply stay out of the art studio! Playing music, gardening, hiking...all these pursuits get more attention and refill my creative energy.

So, here's to some down time; we should all give ourselves permission!

Aaahhh, a wonderful contemplative view of the pond in the conservation land out back. A favorite place for a walk anytime of the year.

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