Warm and Fuzzy Television for Artists & Art Lovers

This may be an unnecessary question- have you heard of or watched The Great British Baking Show? It is one of many reality competition shows from the UK. My husband and I watch, not just for the mouth watering concoctions, but because we like the supportive, friendly competition with a diversity of hosts and participants; I just don't see this often in other American programming. I've found and watched a few episodes of other creative competition programs from the UK: The Great Pottery Throwdown, The Great British Sewing Bee and Glow Up that have a similar format.

Check out in the clip below how contestants are helping each other out in getting pottery pieces off to the drying room.

The program I JUST discovered (can't believe it took this long!) is Landscape Artist of the Year. In fact, moments ago I wrapped up season 1 (2015). Unbelievable variety of artists and styles, and though I might not always agree, a group of thoughtful judges. What is particularly interesting to me is that they give time for artists to talk about their thought process; intentions, hopes, celebrations, fears, and all that artist's struggle with.

Of course, the artwork is amazing, but most of all the competition is not catty or vicious. It is the wonderful, supportive and friendly group of folks that we see in baking show...leaves me feeling all warm and fuzzy :)

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