Road Trip 22 (Part 3)

We left Gilford NH early in the morning after my husband's gig and headed to Pennsylvania to attend one night at the Peach Music Festival in Scranton.

Of course we stopped in at the local music store where we bought a ukulele and my small acoustic bass last year. This year they had a case that perfectly fit the acoustic bass and Dave helped me complete the purchase.

At the Peach, we were particularly excited to see the Trey Anastasio Band (TAB) and Goose that Saturday. TAB is headed by Trey, the lead from the band Phish, and Goose is a fabulous band that has exploded on the scene the past couple of years- I'm currently obsessed! Their music crosses genre and I'm sure there is something for everyone. Check out one of their new songs Hungersite on Spotify. They didn't disappoint and the late night set by Goose found us back in our camper at 4am!

Once again we set off early AM towards our next destination, Oil City PA to spend a couple of days with some awesome artist friends. Along the way, I was taken with the northern PA landscape as it was much more rural than I realized. We stopped at Bald Eagle State Park for lunch.

Bald Eagle State Park is named after a native American Indian chief named "Woapalanne, [wopo lonnie] which means “bald eagle.”" (Pennsylvania Dept. Of Conservation and Natural Resources). It is located on RT150 and is surrounded by additional conservation land. Though busy, we noticed that the park was incredibly clean - not a spec of trash anywhere but where it was meant to be. There is a large clear lake created by a dam, camping sites and a host of on-

going activities. We have added the park to a wish list of places we'd like to return.

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