Sometimes you just have to change it up...

Updated: Jan 3

When I started to think about the body of work show in April, I was reminded of my intent for this year to 'connect'. Though this means many things for me, most importantly, it means to stay connected to myself as I make my art.

I was losing my connection and exuberance for the winter scenes because I was looking forward to the new year, the upcoming spring season and the changes and possibilities that this year will bring.

Yesterday, these thoughts began to express themselves in a 5 hour session of creating new textures that started with thoughts of tulips, my favorite flower; they are gorgeously brilliant in their color. The biggest change I've made in these pieces is using white, uncolored texture paste. White can be fresh and feel new. It also will bring a different vibrancy to the paint.

I've now got flowers, abstract landscapes and abstract pieces ready for color. Not sure how any of them will end up, but the process has re-energized me!

The video shows the first layer of glaze going on some loosely rendered tulips in texture. The intent is that they will end up orange!

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