Spring is bringing a time of transition...

It's finally here! Spring? Summer? Not sure which with all this crazy weather. Regardless, we have officially had our morning tea (used to be coffee) on the front porch.

Our property seemed to go green overnight, and the hummingbirds have made their way back and are at the feeder. Tufted titmice, chickadees, cardinals and a host of other birds are busy and chatty in the morning. Everything has finally woken up and are making their bid for a productive summer.

I find myself in the same state; the academic semester has suddenly come to an end and the summer semester has begun. I'm finishing up some projects at work in anticipation of my summer break, and at the same time, cleaning up the piles and reorganizing the art studio in anticipation of all the art projects I'm planning.

June and July will find me 'crazy art making' in anticipation of several fall art fairs. I've got several more ideas for map pieces, but I'm most excited about returning to big texture landscapes. I know that all the work on the map pieces will find me experimenting a bit with the bigger texture compositions and approach...it is inevitable. I'm looking forward to what happens as my work transitions a bit again.

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