Time for a Change

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Progress on my new body of work 'Time for a Change'. I'm working more intuitively with this series; from the image creation through titling the work I'm focusing on clearing the clutter in my head and responding to what I'm feeling. As an artist, I struggle with some nagging doubt when I take risks and change things up, but I'm really liking the process here.

Except for the inspiration piece, the photos below show several of the works that are still in progress. Starting in the upper left and moving clockwise, the working titles are: New Beginnings, Moving Forward, Connect at the Trailhead, Possibilities, Daydreaming, and....this last one is not finished enough for the title to reveal itself. However, I'll be looking back to my inspiration piece (Daydreaming) and all the notes in my sketchbook to assist. There are a few more works in the early sketch stage that will be completed over the next couple of weeks.

I'm excited about a few of the elements here - the topographic map feel of the mountains in Connect at the Trailhead, the addition of animals and words, the new approach to applying color over the texture... I suspect all these elements will move forward with me.

By the way, all these works will be headed to the New Hampshire Art Association at the end of the month for a body of work show in April where some will not only be in their physical gallery space, but in their online gallery for purchase.

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