Our family had a wonderful Christmas day on Sunday; a day late due to the terrible freezing rain weather on Saturday. Now that the holiday is done, I'm officially on vacation.

The past couple of years I've taken an additional week from my day job after the holiday break. This allows for a couple of weeks of uninterrupted studio time. I also take the opportunity to reflect on the past year, rearrange my studio and focus on the upcoming year's goals. For me, its like a mini-vacation at my studio.

Like any vacation, there is also some focus on taking care of myself. Daily walks (and hopefully snowshoeing) with the dogs, yoga, time for cooking good food and some additional friend, family and hubby time as well. Seems like a lot of busyness for a vacation, but I thoroughly enjoy this time and it is satisfying as I come out of it with renewed inspiration and motivation.

This vacation I'm working on a new trail map series and bringing all the ideas around the Utah trip into focus. In fact, I've completed my first digital drawing over one of the photos I took and will continue to look for the images that really speak to me and my time there. My plan is to have a group of potential images for large texture pieces by the end of vacation while I continue the fun of making more small trail map pieces. Of course, the best laid plans..... be continued

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