Words Matter

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

My husband was tasked with writing a song recently and it's thesis was that words matter. The ones you hear, the ones you say, and the ones you think help to create your own future. I guess we are both feeling the need to express that idea.

I just had an ah-ah moment with a piece that's been sitting, waiting patiently to be finished for the NHAA show in a couple of weeks. I was able to answer the three questions that Rafi & Klee summarized nicely for me in their live stream a few weeks ago:

- Does it may me exclaim aloud

- Am I already thinking about the next piece

- Do I want to keep it

In part, I reached this point when I added additional words to the piece. As I felt when I started this body of work, I feel the need to be hit over the head with positivity this year. Overall, creation of all these pieces has been cathartic (much like painting the word 'Love' over and over again), and I feel more positive and hopeful for it.

The piece is now in final adjustment stage. I find the small photo doesn't convey the impact of the 36x36". I am looking forward to hanging it in a larger space to see if I've achieved what I set out to do.

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