WPA in NH: An Opportunity to Study Composition

Updated: Jan 3

The Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, NH is a wonderful, small museum that always has interesting exhibitions. I recently visited to see their WPA in NH: Philip Guston and Musa McKim. The exhibit consists of two paintings commissioned by Roosevelts Works Progress Administration in the early 1940's for installation in the Laconia NH Forestry Building. Each painting is 9' high by 14' long and are incredible to stand in front of. A long term goal of mine is to create large works for public installation so these were particularly interesting.

Using print-outs of Philip Guston's, Pulpwood

Logging, 1941 to explore composition

I spent some time analyzing them for their composition and the 'tricks' that make the paintings so impactful. It is clear that both are meticulously planned; they contain a strong armature, lines that direct the viewer's eye, and control of value. There were many other 'tricks' and strategies that I noticed and I'm looking foreword to how these new insights will make their way into my next body of work.

The exhibit runs through December 5th...so worth checking out!

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